Are Brand Ambassadors a Part of Your Marketing Campaign?

Businesses large and small rely on what many consider to be tried and true marketing tactics to garner attention for their brands. Many campaigns call on advertising and graphic design, social media, public relations, content creation and inbound marketing strategies to stay top-of-mind.

What companies often forget is the benefits of tapping into one of their most-overlooked resources: brand loyalists. 

This simple yet effective tool can amplify a brand’s message across multiple channels, empowering the most loyal of fans to endorse and promote a business, product or service.

A company is neither too big nor too small to identify and collaborate with brand evangelists. Anyone, from an engaged employee to a loyal customer, can support a business’ marketing efforts in a meaningful and genuine way.

Where many companies tend to hit roadblocks is the actual execution of an ambassador campaign. M studio was able to assist our client, ColArt Americas, distributor of Liquitex, Winsor & Newton and Conté à Paris fine art materials, in launching its first-ever brand ambassador program. 

By working with the brands to identify artists who are leaders in their communities and loyal consumers of their products, M studio was able to conduct outreach and develop collaborative relationships with professional artists throughout North America.

Using this growing program, which adds artists to its roster each year, Liquitex, Winsor & Newton and Conté à Paris are able to incorporate their brand ambassadors into a variety of marketing efforts, including professional photography for advertisements and use on social media channels.

Through our public relations services, we help find brand ambassadors for companies, and we solidify coverage of them in major outlets. Most recently, M studio secured press in top-tier media outlets The Huffington Post, Juxtapoz and Hi-Fructose for Conté à Paris brand ambassador Joel Daniel Phillips. 

We publicized Liquitex ambassador ELLE’s collaboration with the legendary photographer Martha Cooper in Animal New York and produced a video spotlighting the female street artist’s work. Winsor & Newton brand ambassador Mario Robinson was featured in the most recent edition of the company newsletter, MARQ, and he talked about his work and process in an artist spotlight video for the brand. 

In addition, the companies’ ambassadors share product tips and best practices with their followers and communities, collaborate with the brands on events, and work with Liquitex, Winsor & Newton and Conté à Paris to engage with other artists and art enthusiasts.

5 Tips For Brand Ambassador Success:

As one can see, there are so many ways in which a brand and its loyalists can support one another. If you are a company looking to incorporate brand ambassadors into your marketing efforts, keep the five tips below in mind to ensure a successful program:

Identify ambassadors who have a genuine interest in and love for your brand, and natural collaboration will follow.

Clearly define the relationship between the brand and its ambassador, and provide guidelines for what every entity’s responsibilities include.

Communicate clearly and frequently with your brand ambassadors in regards to company programs, initiatives and promotions, so that they can share news and events with their audience.

Integrate brand ambassadors into your overall marketing strategies. This includes videos, photo libraries, public appearances, digital marketing and social media, and educational materials.

Collaborate with your brand ambassadors to create marketing programs that are truly specific and unique to your brand.

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