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Founded in 2004, M studio is a branding and public relations agency that builds and bolsters brands through strategic discovery, evaluation, and execution. Our dynamic executive team takes the lead across all aspects of brand strategy and development, working closely and collaboratively to understand and define companies’ specific needs and goals. Equipped with these insights, we craft tailor-made solutions that empower a brand’s distinct position in the marketplace.

M studio has served businesses across various industries in its nearly 20-year history, specializing in propelling B2B brands to industry acclaim. This includes brand building and digital marketing in the B2B space, as well as helping commercial solar developers and cleantech entrepreneurs build brand awareness. The agency has developed consumer goods campaigns for spirits, fashion, and art materials brands and digital marketing campaigns for fintech, credit unions, and financial service providers.  

In recent years, the M studio team has enthusiastically grown our portfolio in the renewable energy and cleantech sectors. This growth includes a wealth of experience in the commercial solar industry, where we’ve closely aligned with developers at the forefront of the community solar movement. Additionally, our team has gained invaluable insights into the intricate workings of commercial agriculture and sustainable infrastructure development.

Our work in this field has endowed us with a thorough understanding of the common yet critical challenge faced by renewable energy and cleantech clients: effectively marketing to a multi-stakeholder audience. We recognize that today's renewable energy and cleantech leaders must craft compelling narratives that resonate with distinctly diverse personas. This is key to executing projects successfully, forging strong relationships with stakeholders, and achieving marketing and communications objectives. 

By partnering with M studio, renewable energy, commercial solar, and cleantech companies gain a strategic partner dedicated to showcasing their strengths, supporting their initiatives, and helping to accelerate the transition to a net-zero future. 

M studio is led by Founder and Creative Director Jenna Zilincar and Public Relations Director Shannon Furey. Both women lead a team of brand and communication specialists who offer a deep understanding of how to navigate the ever-evolving marketing world to best position a brand for success.

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