The Challenge

The fintech industry is competitive. And so is marketing B2B SaaS. The issuer processor QRails wanted to productize its market-leading earned wage access solution. But didn’t have the structure or team in place to develop a new brand from the ground up. That’s when they came to M studio for B2B tech marketing and fintech pr support. From a name and visual identity to messaging and visual communications, M studio developed every aspect of the AnyDay brand. We created a flexible brand system to support AnyDay’s entry into the competitive payments landscape.

The Solution

By steering every aspect of brand development and strategy, M studio created a strong visual identity for AnyDay. We also  identified the digital marketing and communications channels by which to introduce the brand to its target market. With a primary focus on owned content and earned media during the fintech start-up’s launch phase, we used website design, social media marketing, digital marketing, public relations, and content marketing to let the world know AnyDay is payday.



Content Creation

Social Media

Design & Digital

Public Relations


When building a brand from the ground-up, ensuring a cohesive look and feel is a must. It’s too easy to let brand standards slip through the cracks when working with internal and external teams. That’s why our agency collaborated with the AnyDay team to create usage and application guidelines. We established brand guidelines for the AnyDay word mark and logo, as well as approved iconography, shapes and patterns that could be associated with the brand. The AnyDay font family and color palette were clearly articulated for the client as well. Examples of how these elements can be applied in social media, marketing materials and digital properties were then outlined for the AnyDay team.

In today’s digital marketing landscape, content marketing is a must, particularly when working in B2B. As such, M studio crafted the content and designed a comprehensive whitepaper on earned wage access for AnyDay. It addressed key questions and pain points from the brand’s target demographic. And it also outlined the unique selling proposition of the product. 

As a fintech provider, it was important for AnyDay to spotlight key differentiators from its competitors. While the payments industry offers a variety of earned wage access solutions, AnyDay is industry-leading with its vertical integration and low-to-no cost fee structure. M studio’s whitepaper for AnyDay addressed just that.

M studio worked with the AnyDay team to identify the ideal social media marketing platforms for the brand. We considered their B2B audience. Then we crafted educational and informative content tailored to the HR, professional employer organization and workforce management segments. Our social media marketing team used B2B marketing with LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as owned, earned and sourced content to populate the brand’s social media accounts. And we generated continued growth month-to-month on both platforms.

Strategies for B2B marketing often include co-branded partnerships and sales collateral. This was the case when AnyDay was considered as an earned wage access provider for the Discover Global Network. Our agency crafted messaging that addressed the unique value proposition of the AnyDay solution. We designed co-branded marketing materials that could be used as an example of how to sell the product into Discover’s expansive merchant network. The sales collateral was succinct, on-message and in-brand for both Discover and AnyDay.

Once the AnyDay brand was established, it needed a digital presence for the company’s fintech B2B sales and marketing efforts. Our agency designed a website that is easily navigable by end-users. It outlines key value propositions for the brand’s sales targets and highlights important educational tools and resources for prospects. We designed it so that it could grow with the AnyDay brand, adding fintech PR pick-ups, blogs, and content marketing collateral to support increased traffic and engagement on a monthly basis.

Fintech PR is important. Especially when you are a start-up looking to get recognized. For the AnyDay launch, we promoted this earned wage access fintech product through an integration of public relations tactics. Our agency used thought leadership and expert positioning strategies. We paired this with important personnel and partnership announcements to maximize exposure for the new brand. The goal was to keep a relevant, consistent flow of information to the media. The result? Placements in top-tier publications like Fortune and Bloomberg as well as niche outlets like the Nilson Report and Recruiting Daily.


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