Damn, It Feels Good To Be An Expert

Did you know we are experts? Well, we are… and one of our favorite email marketing platforms, MailChimp, agrees! M studio was just proudly named an email marketing expert by our friends at MailChimp, one of our favorite e-marketing providers because of its progressive design functionalities and third-party integrations. They recognized M studio’s dynamic design range, copywriting, and content generation capabilities combined with our far-reaching response rates to label us as experts.

Email marketing is a great opportunity for a business or entity to truly engage and interact with its clientele, while simultaneously attracting new customers. Businesses can heighten customer engagement with their commercial messaging and use the email format as an opportunity to release very direct information to a very broad audience in intriguing and varied ways while staying on-brand.

M studio applies digital marketing services, which feature email marketing, on behalf of many of our most esteemed clientele to help garner a wider fan base, increase patronage, build loyalty, and deliver measurable results. M studio gets to truly utilize its varied expertise in graphic design, copywriting and digital media when creating and implementing email marketing campaigns.

With e-marketing, the opportunities to create actionable campaigns are limitless. 

Here are six reasons why you should consider email marketing when promoting your business:

You can directly engage with customers quickly and efficiently.

You can create e-mail specific promotions that drive traffic and sales to brick-and-mortar locations.

E-marketing can support additional campaigns, including search engine marketing and content creation strategies.

It’s a great way to reach customers on the go in an increasingly mobile age.

You can continually build and replenish your e-mail list, allowing you to grow your contacts and convert them to customers.

You can measure results almost instantaneously and easily evolve your strategies to increase effectiveness.