Dude, Where's My Video?

The average attention span of an adult human is… Hello? Hellooo?? HELLO?! OK, lost you there for a second. Welcome back. As I was saying… The average attention span of an adult human is eight seconds. So, how do you catch and keep the attention of your target audience? Two words – Moving. Pictures.

Minute-long Instagram videos may not be exactly what Louis Le Prince or Thomas Edison had in mind when they were filing their patents for the first motion picture cameras. However, it’s hard to argue that audiences aren’t just as captivated watching compilations of cats running into walls in the 21st century as they were peering into nickelodeons at the turn of the 20th century.

Now, you may not be in the cats-running-into-walls business. We get that, and that’s OK. Cats and the walls they run into are beside the point. You have a story, and that’s what audiences want to see. Finding a creative production agency that can tell your story through succinct yet compelling video content is of utmost importance when figuring out how to draw audiences to your brand.

Branded lifestyle videos, profile videos, and how-to videos are great for showcasing those particular attributes and insights that set your brand apart. When strategically implemented across social media and other digital platforms, such videos quickly provide top-level information to targeted audiences and, if done well, inspire them to learn more.