Get the Most Out of Facebook Advertising Dollars

Remember the days when Facebook was simple? You saw news-feed posts in real-time and could organically grow your fan page for free. You could like, comment and share, but emojis and “feelings” weren’t part of your online repertoire. This was a simpler time, a time before Facebook advertising.

Today, end users’ experiences are very different thanks to the often referenced but little understood Facebook algorithm that now curates news feeds for more than 2.7 billion monthly active users. Posts and check-ins from our friends and family are now co-mingled with sponsored content from the businesses and brands we follow, encouraging us to Learn More, Make a Reservation, or Shop Now. 

Just like when you first joined Facebook, there are plenty of new opportunities to connect on the social media platform. You just need to pair your posting prowess with strategic audience cultivation and content creation. It sounds simple and complicated all at the same time, doesn’t it?

Don’t Let Facebook Advertising Get You Frustrated

While some lament the changes Facebook makes and will continue to make, to better accommodate advertisers, companies need to look past the frustrations that Facebook can bring and make sure they aren’t missing valuable marketing opportunities. This goes beyond sponsoring some posts now and again on your Fan Page; it means creating a strategic campaign that aligns with your overall digital strategy.

Do you ever wonder how major brands are reaching you? Well, it is much more than making the right post at the right time. They are using advertising dollars to target content direct to you – well, that is if you are a part of their ideal demographic. By targeting you, they are extending their marketing and sales funnels to cast a wider net, attract new customers, and ultimately influence sales.

While Facebook is changing at such a rapid pace that even social media marketers need to keep pace almost daily, the opportunities for cost-effective, measurable, online advertising are plentiful. Through proper audience identification and strategic budgets, advertising campaigns on Facebook can yield as little as $0.15 per click or less, and become an aggressive referrer to websites and landing pages for data collection and lead generation. Facebook’s accessibility means that businesses and brands of all sizes can capitalize on its marketing capabilities, starting small and building campaigns designed to support their business. 

Not sure where to start? 

The M studio social media team understands the frustrations an ever-changing marketing platform like Facebook can bring. We work with many businesses large and small from our headquarters in Asbury Park, NJ to develop custom social media marketing campaigns that aim to support lead generation, customer engagement and increased website traffic. When we work with clients on a Facebook advertising campaign, we implement the 5 steps below to ensure success: 

1. Set up Facebook Business Manager for the Fan Page. This becomes the hub for managing stats, audience development, advertising budgets and more.

2. Add the Facebook Pixel to the company website. This creates the opportunity to track audience activity from Facebook to the company website or campaign hub.  

3. Develop content and promotions. By creating content specific to the target audiences’ preferences, we are afforded a greater opportunity to engage with them online. Steps 1, 2 and 3, create the framework to promote the content to said audience.

4. Create custom audiences in Business Manager. Through this function, we monitor general website traffic and create custom audiences based on traffic to specific pages and popular online content that people are engaging with on the company website.

5. Advertise to the target audience and then re-target them with branded content, promotions and special offers. By evaluating what audiences are responding to, we continue to develop valuable and engaging content based on our audiences’ interests and/or pain points. This allows us to directly engage with our target audience, become a trusted resource, and eventually earn their business.

Implement these 5 steps into your Facebook marketing efforts and you will be sure to see a positive impact on your stats. If you are interested in learning more about Facebook, or ways in which social media and integrated marketing can help your business grow, drop us a line!