How PR Connects You to Your Target Audience, Part 1: To Connect, One Must Identify

I’ve re-written this opening about fifteen times trying to wordsmith a compelling, witty, and engaging introduction to connect with you, my audience.

That’s really what this blog post is about. Connecting your business, brand, or company to your target audience by means of a progressive public relations approach. We do this in a variety of applications, but before we can delve into that I must address two key components: establishing your goals and understanding your audience.


Let’s chat #squadgoals. You made the decision to invest in a communications team to further your business. If your communications plan lacks tangible goals there is no way to measure its success or your return on investment. Look at your brand strategy. Establish your campaign objectives and expectations before it begins. Have your entire team (internal and external) align on campaign goals.

Perhaps you are looking to increase sales, cultivate new membership sign-ups, or build credibility in your industry. Keep in mind these are just a few examples; your goals will be unique to your business because they are just that– yours. Your public relations team can’t make them for you (even the top PR firms don't do it), but we can help you achieve them once we identify your target audience and chart the best strategy to connect with them.

The very basis of public relations is to relate to the public and cultivate a strong image with your target demographic. If you are communicating a great story to the wrong people it falls on deaf ears and no action will take place. This is why understanding your target audience is so important. Consider these questions when building your ideal audience:

How old is your target demographic?

What publications do they read?

Why do they trust your competitor’s product over yours even though it is of less quality? 

What influences their buying decisions, and where do they make their purchases?

Where do they go for news and information? Do they ever watch the actual news, or do they rely on blog and Facebook feeds to stay informed? 

Having a clear understanding of your immediate and long-term goals, along with your target audience, enables your PR team to devise an integration of communications tools aimed at attracting and influencing your target market, bringing your objectives to fruition.

Moral of part one: Have your internal and external teams works together to pave a road to success. Before you can connect your brand to the public you must identify your audience, determine achievable goals, and align on the strategy you will take to be victorious.

Teamwork makes the dream work – got it? Good!

Now we can discuss 4 ways your public relations team will connect you to your target audience. Stay tuned – Part 2 is coming up!

Amanda Saphire Billingham
Account Manager