Simple: a New Start & a Fresh Perspective

With the relaunch of Simple Shoes, M studio is excited to reinvigorate the brand for a new era. Though it’s a national brand with global goals, setting the scene of their 2015 launch on the East Coast has helped to breathe new life into the nearly 25-year-old brand. Within the context of a new coast, Simple’s relaunch is less of a replication and more of a re-imagining of the brand’s 1991 launch in Santa Barbara.

We have taken an organic and authentic approach to the brand’s revitalization, drawing influence and inspiration from the art, architecture, history, and personality of the East Coast, specifically Asbury Park, New Jersey. Simple has always been a shoe for the people, and the consumer-driven marketing campaign spearheaded by M studio has worked to reestablish their standing as just one member of a whole community. Against a new backdrop and with a fresh perspective, we are keeping our eyes on the future of Simple Shoes while remembering their beginnings and, as always, keeping things Simple.