Finding the right marketing agency is no easy task. There are so many concerns and worries that come with it, like: The cost and ROI - Losing control of your brand message - Building trust with a new team - especially if you've been burned by agencies in the past.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Solar Landscape came to M Studio after having a negative experience with a big agency that made a lot of promises but didn’t produce results. And the first question they asked us was: Can you deliver?

We offer branding and communications expertise, something many agencies claim to do well but often fail to do well. Our in-house team is hands-on, producing brand strategy, messaging, media relations and digital marketing in an agile way that supports clients like Solar Landscape’s rapid growth trajectories.

And the results speak for themselves. Solar Landscape rebranded with a fresh new image and message and saw:

a 30% increase in website traffic

a 240% increase in social media followers

secured more than 400 PR placements with lifetime impressions estimated at 3 million

grew their LinkedIn presence and referral traffic by 94%.

Brendon Shank, their executive vice president of engagement, said it best when he commented on our team’s “ability to innovate and iterate … and evaluate metrics to prove out the return on investment.” He added, “We value M studio's ability to listen and adapt and help us build value as we go along this very powerful growth trajectory.”

Brendon speaks to our unique ability to create value that results in year-over-year growth for our clients.

Does Solar Landscape’s story sound familiar?
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