M studio is HubSpot Certified!

The M studio team is excited to announce its inbound certification with HubSpot. As the marketing landscape evolves at an increasingly rapid pace, our team of design and communications professionals are continually trained on the latest industry best practices in order to provide our clients with the most effective marketing programs.

Why is inbound marketing important? 

While traditional marketing and advertising focuses on blasting a message outward in order to garner attention for a brand or business, inbound strategies focus on tailoring content that attracts your target market to your business. This includes strategies that draw prospects to your website or social hubs at various stages of the buying journey via integrated content generation tactics.

Inbound marketing, often referred to as the proven methodology for the digital age, is an effective, measurable method of digital marketing and is an ideal complement to M studio’s integrated marketing services that includes branding, graphic design, website development, social media, and public relations.

Are you interested in discovering how inbound marketing can benefit your business? Contact us today!