M studio is HubSpot Certified!

The M studio team is excited to announce its inbound certification with HubSpot. As the marketing landscape evolves at an increasingly rapid pace, our team of design and communications professionals have continually trained on the latest industry best practices in order to provide our clients with the most effective marketing programs.

Why is inbound marketing important? 

While traditional marketing and advertising focus on blasting a message outward in order to garner attention for a brand or business, inbound strategies focus on tailoring content that attracts your target market to your business. This includes strategies that draw prospects to your website or social hubs at various stages of the buying journey via integrated content tactics.

Inbound marketing, often referred to as the proven methodology for the digital age, is an effective, measurable method of digital marketing and is an ideal complement to M studio’s digital marketing services that includes branding, graphic design, website development, social media, and public relations.

These innovative approaches have helped maximize outputs through the strengthening of the look, voice, and feel of client brands.

And when we talk about voice, we talk about really identifying your audience persona and speaking directly to them. Who they are, where they work, what their days is like, what their pain points are.

This digital strategy helps create messaging and content for your audience(s) and helps n the continuous promotion of the client's brand.

The strategies involved in inbound campaigns are quite similar to those in traditional campaigns, but they are applied and disseminated across different media channels. This way of campaigning is called ‘integrated’ because it has been recognized how intrinsically integrated the industry of marketing has become. 

This modern-day promotion has the additional benefit of affecting search engine optimization and PR, building links, and authority, across the internet.

These quantifiable, innovative strategies offer real-time, concrete results and insights.

Another significant differentiator of integrated campaigns is the ability to build connections with bloggers and influencers who play a vital role in the digital world.

Similar to the traditional campaign, B2B and B2C marketing agencies utilizing inbound tactics often look to establish connections with bloggers and influencers they work with on a regular basis. And the bloggers are likely to share the client's current promotions more often in the form of blog posts with product links - increasing web authority.

One of the most effective services M studio has offered through the years is web design and development. It is integral to an inbound marketing campaign.

With this, a company is guaranteed a custom website that becomes the clients’ primary online asset - or hub. To generate more leads, the agency - be it a digital, social or PR firm, continually integrates responsive design into its web-based marketing tactics.

As a result, end-users are driven to a website that is easily and effortlessly navigated. It includes landing pages, lead magnets and strong calls to action that encourage conversion - regardless of the device they are using.

Are you interested in discovering how inbound marketing can benefit your business? Contact us today!