M studio Wins Red Bank RiverCenter PR Contract

M studio is pleased to have been named the public relations firm for Red Bank RiverCenter.  Our public relations team will be working with Red Bank RiverCenter executive director James Scavone on public relations messaging, events, media relations and social media in support of the town’s “It’s Your City” marketing campaign.

RiverCenter is a 501(c)(3) non-profit formed in 1991 to manage Red Bank’s special improvement district.  It was created by the New Jersey State Legislature in the same year to help New Jersey’s many historic downtowns survive the face of competition from rapidly expanding shopping malls, big-box discounters and economic recession.

“Red Bank is an award-winning destination that has so much to offer residents and visitors. We are thrilled to spotlight Red Bank’s dynamic businesses, theaters, hotels and landmarks. It’s a city steeped in history and culture and we can’t wait to share its story,” said Shannon Furey, PR director at M studio.

Under Scavone’s direction, M studio will also work with Red Bank RiverCenter’s marketing committee in support of the town’s promotions and events calendar. In addition to local and regional support of events and businesses, in its role as RiverCenter’s public relations firm, M studio will oversee destination-marketing strategies with media and social influencers.

The M studio team comes to this project with an innate understanding of the Red Bank community. This is complemented by M studio’s integrated methodology that employs progressive communications programs to meet the heightened demands of the digital age.

Understanding the need for cohesive, cross-platform messaging, one of the first tasks M studio will complete for Red Bank RiverCenter is a messaging document for the town’s business community. It will include important campaign information, positioning statements and marketing campaign assets to be used as a resource for Red Bank’s business community.