The Challenge

Liquitex was the first art materials company to produce water-based acrylic spray paint. In order to market this ground-breaking product, the international art materials manufacturer needed to overcome its informal communication programs. In addition to the brand having limited relationships with emerging and professional artists, this new Liquitex product had little to no brand recognition. They came to M studio for art marketing services that could be managed under a unified strategy.

The Solution

Through our ongoing work with Liquitex, M studio used B2B and B2C marketing to increase artist relations by 34 percent and produce a more than 167 percent return on the brand’s public relations spend. Our efforts resulted in much-needed product endorsements from emerging and professional artists and important activations at leading art-industry events, including Miami Art Basel.



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Public Relations

Artist Partnerships and Ambassador Program

In order to introduce Liquitex’s target market to its new product line - water-based, intermixable, acrylic spray paint - the M studio team established a Brand Ambassador program with world-renowned muralists and street artists. 

The key to the program’s success? We identified artists and creatives who used the product in their work to ensure authentic content and messaging across digital channels and during IRL activations. Our ambassadors amplified the product line’s attributes and unique selling proposition to the brand’s core demographic: artists.


Artist Ambasador

ELLE blurs the line between graffiti and street art. Her work is evocative and alluring, often incorporating a lexicon of wheatpastes, spray-painted pieces, murals, and fine art drawings and paintings. The diversity of ELLE’s work made her a natural fit for Liquitex’s professional acrylic system.

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Logan Hicks

Artist Colaborator

Logan Hicks is a New York-based artist whose work explores the dynamics of the urban environment through photography, stencil paintings and street art. Using photographs taken during his international travels as a point of departure, he creates intricate multi-layered stencils and aerosol spray to build the image. Hicks bridges the ideals of fine art and street art together. His stylistic approach in utilizing aerosol sprays and stencils was something that Liquitex admired.

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Gary Panter

Artist Ambasador

Gary Panter works across various mediums including painting, design, comics, and commercial imagery, establishing a pattern of creating across traditional boundaries, and in multiple media. His accomplished background and multiple creative outlets made him a perfect fit for Liquitex’s Brand Ambassador program.

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Product marketing was essential to the launch of Liquitex’s aerosol spray paints. But what also needed to be considered was B2B marketing with the company’s retailer network. 

Liquitex products are sold in major retailers across the United States - from Michael’s to neighborhood art-supply shops. 

As part of our art marketing strategy, M studio developed and oversaw B2B marketing plans on behalf of the company. This included a branded quarterly print and digital newsletters to communicate important product information, artist partnerships, and community outreach efforts. 

This B2B marketing plan and campaign strategy strengthened retailer relations and further amplified the brand’s artist-driven work.

The best public relations firms know how to take key components of their client’s brand and communicate them to the world. That was the case when Liquitex asked our agency to promote its work with professional artists. We developed digital PR communications around key elements of the Liquitex brand ambassador program. Our PR team then publicized important events, happenings and announcements associated with the program. We also promoted community relations and charitable giving on behalf of the brand. The result? Our digital PR activities resulted in placements in top-tier art and consumer media that drove artist awareness and sales.  


Only a handful of cities in the world can claim the cultural core and lure of London, with its support system fueled by overall artistic curiosity that makes residents almost intuitively visit its museums and art galleries. The Griffin Art Prize USA exemplifies London’s special place in the art world.



"Unextinguished" will see ELLE sample images from Cooper's photojournalistic book Street Play. Borrowing Cooper's photographs of New York children playing during the '70s, ELLE has created an impressive set of paper gowns as the centerpieces of the exhibition.



San Francisco-based artist Joel Daniel Phillips turned his lens toward one aspect of homelessness in particular — the fact that men and women without shelter often exist on the fringes of society’s greater narrative, never getting the opportunity to play the hero or protagonist in daily life.



Now that the Disneyfication of New York has spread far beyond Giuliani’s Times Square cleanup, it’s nice to know there are still some corners cultivating a little bit of swerve.


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