Whole Foods

The Challenge

Yes, Whole Foods is a household name. Despite its national presence, its regional locations require specific attention. In need of content that could speak to audiences on region-specific social channels, the supermarket chain’s Northeast team needed enhanced social media marketing content for audiences who shopped the aisles of their local Whole Foods. Further, this content needed to be streamlined to create more effective advertising campaigns and signage for Northeast stores. As a social media marketing company in NJ, we were able to create region-specific content that residents with shoppers.

The Solution

M studio’s collaboration with the Whole Foods Market Northeast team produced a more diverse array of region-specific social media copy for both organic and paid-for social media posts.  We were also able to inform branded collateral for in-store retail environments that resonated with Northeast shoppers.  Our ability to promote new and unknown products through concise, clever verbiage and design supported the brand’s goal of reaching shoppers online and IRL.



Social Media

Design & Digital



Content Creation

Weekly specials were spotlighted with fun, catchy copy. All while using strategic social media marketing tactics including hashtags, brand partner tags, and regional references WholeFooods’ Northeast audience would recognize.

Holidays and promotions were also included in our weekly social media campaign management, using seasonal imagery and copy to convey the appropriate message.