Winsor Newton

The Challenge

Winsor & Newton and its sister company Conté à Paris are leading manufacturers in watercolors, pastels and charcoals worldwide. Yet a necessary component of a successful international company is a strong formal communications platform, which Winsor & Newton lacked. To boost its brand and its engagement with artists, the company looked to launch a revolutionary new product: the Winsor & Newton Pigment Market. In order to do so, the art conglomerate required an international product launch campaign from an art marketing agency that could deliver results.

The Solution

M studio did not let Winsor & Newton rest on its laurels. Our work resulted in positive product endorsements from artists, creatives and social influencers on the revolutionary aspects of the brand’s new Pigment Market. This was achieved through creative partnerships with Juxtapoz Magazine, the national art supply retailer Michael’s, and event activations with the Society of Illustrators.  Additionally, the perception of the brand was revitalized through an international brand ambassador and influencer program.  Our work resulted in a successful international product launch that surpasses sales goals in North American and European markets.


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Public Relations

Winsor Newton sought to capitalize on the benefits of a robust Brand Ambassador program and digital PR and branding program that supported its core product line, while also looking to the future with the launch of the brand’s revolutionary line of pigment markers. 

Our brand ambassador program upheld a rich tradition of quality advancement of watercolor, acrylic and various other mediums through artist investment and outreach that dates back to 1832.

Mario Robinson

Artist Ambasador

Based in New Jersey and specializing in the realist tradition, Robinson’s is dedicated to creating his own works of art as well as educating future generations about watercolor as a medium. As a Pratt Institute graduate, Mario Robinson is a well-established watercolorist who has exclusively used Winsor & Newton products for more than twenty years.

@marioarobinson 12.4k Followers

Jeff Soto

Artist Ambasador

As an American contemporary artist Jeff Soto is known for his distinct color palette, subject matter and technique. He bridges the gap between Pop Surrealism and Street Art.

Throughout his professional career, his work ranges from paintings and illustrations to murals. For years prior to the partnership, Soto utilized the vast product collection of Winsor & Newton Artists’ Acrylic Colour, Oil Colour, Mediums, Brushes and Materials - making him the ideal Winsor & Newton ambassador.

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Sean Norvet

Artist Ambasador

As a Los Angeles-based, Norvet built his creative reputation through oil paintings that were sometimes explosive, sometimes still and often mashes up elegant photo-realism with two-dimensional cartoon buffoonery. His ability to manipulate watercolor paint is impeccable as he captures a range of details that express ideas pertinent to contemporary societal issues. 

His astonishing ability to utilize watercolor made him the perfect brand ambassador for Winsor & Newton.

@seannorvet 17.5k Followers

Product marketing was essential to our work with Winsor & Newton. But what also needed to be considered was B2B marketing with the company’s retailer network. 

Windsor & Newton products are sold in major retailers across the United States - from Michael’s to neighborhood art-supply shops. 

As part of our strategy, M studio developed and oversaw B2B communications on behalf of the company. This included a branded quarterly print and digital newsletters to communicate important product information, artist partnerships, and community outreach efforts. 

This campaign strategy strengthened retailer relations and further amplified the brand’s artist-driven work.

In the art and marketing world, collaboration is key. That’s why M studio brought two major art names together for the Griffin Art Prize: Windsor & Newton and Juxtapoz Magazine. 

With the grand prize of a four-week residency in the heart of London’s global contemporary art market, Winsor & Juxtapoz sponsored the artist’s call for submissions and assembled an accomplished panel of judges to review work. 

In addition to the four-week residency, the grand prize included accommodations, a living stipend and access to all necessary materials from Winsor & Newton.  

The contest saw nearly 400 submissions from artists nationwide.

For collaborations with Juxtapoz and in B2B marketing materials, Windsor & Newton print ads spotlighting the product and core brand tenets were created by M studio.

Top public relations firms know how to translate key tenets of a client’s brand and communicate them to the world. That was the case when Winsor & Newton asked our agency to promote its work with professional artists. We developed PR communications around key elements of the Winsor & Newton brand ambassador program and pigment market product launch. Our PR team then publicized important events, happenings and announcements associated with the program. We also promoted community relations and charitable giving on behalf of the brand. The result? Placements in top-tier art and consumer media that drove artist awareness and sales. 


On the cusp of Fashion Month, these are the fashion illustrators to follow for their stylish sketches —which are sure to be in full force for the month of shows ahead.



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British-born, Brooklyn-based artist Jon Burgerman, often referred to as the “Doodle King,” recently sent us some sketches of his latest illustrations. More than a decade ago, in a brief moment of dismissiveness, the artist referred to his work as ‘doodles.’ 



British-born, Brooklyn-based artist Jon Burgerman, often referred to as the “Doodle King,” recently sent us some sketches of his latest illustrations. More than a decade ago, in a brief moment of dismissiveness, the artist referred to his work as ‘doodles.’ 


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